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Reimbursement Support Services

We custom design and implement next-generation reimbursement support solutions. Our services and workflow processes are designed to achieve optimal access to therapy for patients, while delivering streamlined support services for end-user healthcare providers.

Palomino’s reimbursement specialists are trained to demonstrate empathy and compassion for the needs of each patient they support. Our experts are experienced with all payer types and have established an impeccable track record of success in overcoming obstacles and gaining patient access to new biopharmaceutical and medical device technology products.

We offer the following reimbursement support services:

Reimbursement Support Call Center Programs
The Palomino Group administers custom Reimbursement Hotline and Support Programs at our first class, HIPAA compliant call center facility in North Carolina.

Patient Assistance Programs
We design and administer custom Patient Assistance Programs that are tailored to the special needs of end-user patients.

Custom Patient Access & Support Programs
We deliver patient-centric call center support programs designed to meet the special needs of patients and caregivers.

Patient Adherence Programs
Our support teams expertly communicate with patients to overcome compliance barriers and to monitor adherence to therapy.

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