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Jan Palmer

Jan Palmer has been an industry recognized expert in the medical reimbursement field for the past 25 years. Her experience has included independent contracting to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, DME (Durable Medical Equipment) and medical device manufacturers in addition to managing reimbursement operations for one of the premier reimbursement consulting service providers in the U.S. During her career, she has developed and directed many successful reimbursement programs for leading biopharmaceutical companies and has served as a pioneer in the development of online, educational modules on a wide variety of medical reimbursement topics. As a respected veteran in the reimbursement industry, she is recognized for her efforts in establishing the gold standard for the design of customer support programs. One of Jan’s strengths is her ability to work closely with the various individuals and departments of a client organization to identify the specific needs and solutions required that best support the client and its product. Jan is highly respected by medical directors and their staff at national and regional payer plans across the U.S.

Charles P. Griffin

Charles Griffin has served as a member of the senior management and executive teams with several successful start-up biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, including Immunex, SEQUUS Pharmaceuticals, Ligand, EMD Merck KGaA, and Allos Therapeutics. As a veteran of the biopharmaceutical industry, he has overseen the planning, hiring, deployment and management of numerous sales forces, commercial operations teams, and medical science liaison programs, especially in the oncology arena. He has been responsible for launching many innovative drugs and biologics and has established world-class commercial and medical affairs organizations, including sales, national accounts, managed markets, bids & contracts, pricing, medical science liaison, customer service, distribution, commercial operations, and very importantly, reimbursement functions. Charles, in his role as a client decision-maker on the biopharmaceutical manufacturer side, has evaluated, contracted and client-managed several of the leading reimbursement consulting companies throughout the years to support the launch of highly innovative and costly drugs, biologics and oncologics, and is intimately familiar with the needs of the biopharmaceutical company, the healthcare provider, and the patient.