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Creating a highly targeted and accurate reimbursement strategy is imperative to a positive launch outcome, especially in today’s ever-changing healthcare environment. Our experts at the Palomino Group are recognized as some of the most experienced consultants in the area of strategic reimbursement analysis within the healthcare arena, especially in the area of oncology.

Our approach involves a thorough analysis of the client’s potential reimbursement environment, such as researching existing coding mechanisms, identifying current and future payer coverage and payment policies, analyzing all of the potential reimbursement issues and challenges related to the product or technology, reviewing the available and planned clinical data, examining the competitive product and clinical trial landscape, and identifying the most appropriate programs to support the product and its projected end-user customers: physician practices, hospitals and patients.

At the Palomino Group, we implement an extremely thorough, highly-customized process in conducting strategic reimbursement analyses. Our approach combines the insight and knowledge of highly experienced reimbursement strategists with the proven experience of commercial biopharmaceutical industry leaders. As a result, we can better work with your team to fully understand your product, its lifecycle projections, your technology, your market, and your commercial assumptions prior to implementing any project.

Our goal is to ensure that we deliver the most accurate reimbursement analysis for your product. Consequently, you can be assured that the Palomino Group will conduct your strategic reimbursement analysis individually, without utilizing a generic or template approach.